What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

As a tenant in Ontario, you have legal rights. These rights are explained in the Residential Tenancies Act. You have to follow the laws in this act and the terms in your lease.

When you are a tenant you need to:

  • Pay your rent on time: Pay the full amount of your rent by the day that you agreed to in your lease or tenancy agreement.
  • Keep your home clean: You have to keep your home in a way that most people think is reasonably clean.
  • Repair damage that you cause: Fix anything that you or your guests damage or break that is from more than normal use. 
  • Be reasonably quiet: Do your best not disturb others who live in your building on purpose. 
  • Obey the law: For example, you must follow the by-laws your city has about over-crowding. This means you cannot have more people living in your unit than is allowed.
  • Honour your lease or tenancy agreement: Follow the terms in your lease. If your lease has conditions that break the rules in the Residential Tenancies Act, you do not have to follow those conditions like a clause that says 'no children'.

You can contact a legal clinic or housing help centre for more information. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.

As a tenant, you also have rights. Please read What are my rights as a tenant? to find out more.

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