Welcome to Our Homeland

These videos and study guides were created to introduce newcomers to the vast richness of Indigenous People’s values and views, and provide helpful information, links and terminology to help increase awareness of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

These videos were created by Indigenous People in BC with representation from the North and across Canada and launched by ISSofBC.

At the launch of this project in 2020, the writer, director and editor Kamala Todd said “Indigenous people’s voices and truths are so important to getting to know these lands now known as Canada. It was a privilege to weave together these stories of the beauty and diversity of our languages, lands, knowledge, and resilience—I’m so grateful that more people will be able to witness and share in this expression of welcome.”

The Welcome to Our Homeland video has a companion study guide. After watching the video the study guide provides additional information, suggested links and terminology to help you increase your awareness of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. We hope you will use this guide as a starting point for further learning.

Welcome to Our Homeland - Study Guide

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