I am immigrating to Canada. How do I bring my belongings with me?

If you are moving permanently to Canada, you can bring your belongings with you when you arrive or you may send them later.

You may be able to bring your belongings with you duty-free. To qualify, usually you must have owned, possessed, and used the goods before coming to Canada.

You also have to fill out a BSF186 - Personal Effects Accounting Document, where you list any goods with you and the goods that you will send later. If your goods are not listed on your original BSF186, they are not eligible for duty-free importation at a later time.

If you need more space to list your goods, you can type out your own list or fill out form BSF186A - Personal Effects Accounting Document.

Your list should state the goods and their value. Make a list of the goods that are with you and another list for those that will arrive later. It is good to have a copy each list.

You have to give these lists to the customs officer when you arrive in Canada, even if you are not bringing in anything at that time.

Can I bring my vehicle to Canada?

From the United States

Your vehicle must meet Canadian standards, even if it was manufactured for the United States (US). Before you try to import it, check if your vehicle is on the list of vehicles admissible from the United States published by Transport Canada.

At the border, you must inform US Customs that your vehicle will leave the US permanently. US Customs recommends that you contact the port of crossing directly to find out what documentation is required and their hours of operation.

Read more information about exporting a motor vehicle from the US.

From outside North America

You can only import a vehicle from a country other than the US, if it meets certain safety standards.

All vehicles must be registered and insured with the provincial motor vehicle licensing agency (in Ontario this is the Ontario Ministry of Transportation).


You can bring your pet with you to Canada if it meets import requirements.

For some pets, such as dogs or cats, you may need to get an import permit. You need to apply for the permit before your pet comes to Canada.

CBSA and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) may want to inspect your pet. You may have to pay an inspection fee.

Read more about importing pets.

If you have more questions, contact your nearest Canadian embassy or consulate, or call the CBSA's Border Information Service (BIS):

  • From outside Canada: 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064
  • From inside Canada: 1-800-461-9999

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