Where can I learn more about Ontario?

These websites have information about the province of Ontario.

You can find out how to get around between cities and towns in Ontario. You can read overviews of Ontario's history, geography, and economy. You can also explore directories of regional websites to find out more about a city or region.

Getting Around

  • The Official Road Map of Ontario -An alphabetical listing of cities, towns, villages, communities and First Nations from The Ministry of Transportation.
  • Google Maps - Use this to find the distance between cities, and driving directions between cities. You can also see a satellite view.
  • 511 Ontario Traveller Information - Information about Ontario's highways. From the Ministry of Transportation.
  • VIA Rail - Passenger train service across Canada.
  • GO Transit - The Government of Ontario's transportation service. Provides rail and bus transportation to residents of the Greater Toronto Area and some surrounding communities.
  • Greyhound Canada - These buses run between cities.

Provincial Information

  • About Ontario - An overview of the province's government, history, geography, economy, and population. From the Government of Ontario.
  • Community Futures Ontario - A community development program in Ontario regions supported by the federal government. Provides financial assistance to individuals and small businesses.
  • Ontario Exports - The lead trade agency of the Ontario Government. It can help Ontario firms begin to export or expand markets and can assist foreign buyers to find Ontario suppliers for their purchasing requirements.
  • Ontario Government - Home page for a number of the Government of Ontario Web sites. Provides access to information by government ministries and agencies, users groups - children, seniors or small business owners, or by topic - i.e., employment standards. Also includes news, government directories and a search engine.
  • Ontario Heritage Trust - This Government of Ontario department takes care of 25 heritage buildings, 15,000 cultural and 350,000 archaeological artifacts for the people of Ontario. The website tells you about the history of Ontario and has links to related resources.
  • Invest in Ontario - A part of the Government of Ontario that provides information for potential investors in Ontario. The information includes basic facts and figures for Ontario economy, government programs and services for business immigrants, Ontario financial documents and investment opportunities.
  • Ontario Travel - A tourist guide to Ontario. The information included basic facts about Ontario, weather, what to do, where to stay and how to travel the province.

Directories: Cities and Regions

  • 211 Ontario - A directory of community services all over Ontario.
  • Municipalities of Ontario - A list of links to official websites of Ontario municipalities.
  • Cities and Towns - Information about cities and towns across Ontario. From the Ontario.ca website.
  • Ontario East - The business development website for Eastern Ontario. It includes a regional overview, community profiles, economic indicators and cost of living.
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