I am a government sponsored refugee. Can I get help with housing when I arrive?

If you are a government-sponsored refugee who lands by air in Toronto, Immigrant Reception and Information Services (IRIS) will meet you at the airport.

Foreign visa offices give IRIS notification of arrivals (NATs) for all government-assisted refugees.

IRIS staff can help you arrange short-term accomodation. They keep a list of low-cost hotels and travellers' hostels in Toronto.

IRIS will also help you find your next flight, get transportation or an interpreter. It also provides winter clothing from October to April.

Before you travel to Canada, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will refer you to a reception centre in the area where you plan to settle. The reception centre will have a room prepared for you when you first arrive. They can help you arrange housing.

A community agency can also help you find housing. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.

For More Information

  • OntarioTravel.net - This website has information for tourists and short-term travellers to Ontario. Produced by the Government of Ontario.
  • Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know - An Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) publication explaining various aspects of Canadian life, including information on basic services and finding help in your community.
Last updated: March 1, 2017 4001311