What activities can I do in winter?

It is important to stay social and active during winter. You may find that making an effort to engage with your community will help your mood along with other aspects of your life in Ontario.

If you are not used to cold temperatures and shorter days, there are ways you can still keep an active social life during the winter months. This will not only help you pass the time, but it can also help you meet new people and enjoy winter. You can find some tips below.

Attend events at your local library

You may find that winter is a good time to learn something new or catch up with your reading. Although you can do this in your own time, it may be a good idea to find groups where you can share your thoughts and learn together. Your local public library is a good place to start searching for classes, education programs and book clubs.

While public libraries often offer services specifically for newcomers, including ESL classes and career learning workshops, you may find that there are other interesting programs. For example, you can join book clubs or attend presentations on various topics including history, science and business. You can also look for night school classes at your local school board. You may have to pay a fee, but there are programs in many subject areas, from foreign language training to sewing and even carpentry.

Join an indoor or winter sport

During the winter, you can play many of the sports that you would play over the summer. There are many recreation centres and indoor facilities across Ontario where people play sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, field hockey and more.

Joining an indoor sport will not only give you an opportunity to stay physically active, but it may also help improve your mood and develop new connections. You can check with your municipal government to find recreation centres near you, or you can sign up for a sports team with other organizations in Ontario that provide free or low-cost sports and recreation activities.

You can also consider joining a winter sport, which are often very popular in Ontario. Winter sports, such as skating and skiing, can involve the whole family and can help people learn to enjoy winter. You can find organizations that offer discounted packages for lessons for newcomers or young families who want to learn how to ski. Taking lessons is useful to prevent injuries and ensure that you can enjoy this winter sport safely.

Visit museums and other cultural centres

Whether you are interested in learning more about Canadian arts and culture, or want to see some of the collections available in Ontario museums, winter is a good time to enjoy these indoor activities. There are many museums and cultural heritage centres around the province.

While you may have to pay for a ticket to visit a museum, there may also be discounted passes and days when you can visit for free. You may also want to bring your children with you, as there are a number of centres that have educational programming for kids.

If you are a new Canadian citizen or if you have a Permanent Residence you can get the Canoo App, a free app that gives you access to free attractions across Canada you can enjoy with your family. Canoo offers free passes to some Ontario's best attractions like: museums, parks, art galleries, and the Science Centre as well as as free attractions across Canada.    

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