Can I get married in Canada on a Visitor Visa?

Yes, it is possible to get married in Canada as a visitor or on a temporary resident visa. You don't need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

You will still need to meet the requirements of the province you choose to get married. Each province has its own requirements.

Getting Married in Ontario

If you choose to get married in Ontario, you will both need to meet the eligibility requirements of the province. They are:

  • You both must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 years old you can get married but you must have written consent from your parents or legal guardians.
  • You may marry someone of the same or opposite sex. Same-sex marriages (marriages between 2 men or 2 women) have been legal in Ontario since 2003 and 2005 for all of Canada.
  • You cannot be close relatives by blood or adoption (grandparent-grandchild, parent-child, brothers-sisters).
  • You both must be physically present to be married. You cannot get married by telephone, webcam or by proxy.
  • You both must not be currently married. If you are divorced, you must show proof of your divorce when you apply for a marriage licence.

To get married in Canada, you will still need to get a marriage license and certificate.

How do I get a Marriage Licence?

You can apply for a marriage licence wherever you wish to get married through a municipal office or city hall.

In Ontario, you can follow these steps to get a marriage licence.

You will need two government-issued identification documents for each person getting married. This includes the original copy of a:

  • Valid passport (from your country of origin)
  • Government issued birth certificate (from your country of origin)
  • Record of immigrant landing (if you and or your partner are permanent residents)
  • Valid driver’s license (from your country of origin)
  • Citizenship card (from any country of origin)
 A Canadian marriage licence is valid for 90 days from the day it was issued.

How do I get a Marriage Certificate?

Once you are married, you will be required to get a marriage certificate. See our article on how to get a marriage certificate in Ontario.

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