What kind of ID can I get, if I don't have a driver's licence?

The Ontario Photo Card is government-issued identification (ID) that you can get instead of a driver's licence.

If you don't have a driver's licence, you may be able to show other ID, such as a passport, PR Card, or a health card.

If you don't want to carry these sensitive ID documents around with you, the Ontario Photo Card may be a good option for you.

Who can get the Ontario Photo Card?

You must be at least 16 years old and a non-driver.

You cannot have an Ontario Photo Card and driver's licence at the same time. If you have a driver's licence already, your licence will be cancelled if you apply for the Ontario Photo Card.

If you get your driver's licence later, you must give up the Ontario Photo Card.

What can I do with my Ontario Photo Card?

According to the Ministry of Transportation website, you can use it to prove your identity when you:

  • Open a new bank account
  • Get a credit card
  • Board a domestic flight
  • Return or rent goods
  • Access other government, financial or business services

The Ontario Photo Card is not an international travel document.

To Apply for a Photo Card

You must go to a Service Ontario centre and fill out an application.

Bring acceptable identification documents that prove your legal name, date of birth and signature.

If you do not have ID that shows your signature, you can get a Declaration from a Guarantor [PDF].

For More Information

  • Ontario Photo Card - This card is an identification document for non-drivers in Ontario. You can get one if you are 16 or over and do not have a driver’s licence. From Service Ontario.
  • Lost Wallet - Information about how to cancel and replace government identification cards. From Service Ontario.
Last updated: December 1, 2015 4001550