4 Steps to Receive Employment Insurance (EI)

This guide will help you understand how to receive Employment Insurance (EI) in 4 steps. The information below is meant for permanent residents and citizens who recently lost their job.

Each step includes articles, information and links that will help you understand EI in Ontario.

Step 1. Understand What EI is and How Much You Can Receive

The first thing you should understand is what is EI?

If you lose your job, you might be eligible for EI. It provides temporary financial assistance while you look for work or upgrade your skills.

It is important to understand that how much you receive in EI is directly related to your previous income. Usually, you get 55% of your previous income, up to a maximum of $562 per week.

Step 2. Make Sure You Are Eligible

Before you apply, make sure you are eligible to claim EI. The eligibility requirements depend on where you live and which benefits you are applying for.

If you had to leave your job or take time away from your job to care for a sick family member you may be eligible for Compassionate Care Benefits. If you are pregnant, or the parent of a newborn or adopted child, you may be eligible for maternity/parental benefits.

Step 3. Apply for EI Benefits

To apply for EI, go to the nearest Service Canada Centre or apply online as soon as you lose your job.

You need to submit an application form as well as some other documents. You also need to have an interview with an EI agent. Learn more about applying for EI.

The Record of Employment (ROE) is an official form that you need to apply for EI benefits. It states how long you worked and how much you earned from your employer.

Step 4. I Have Applied for EI, Now What?

You should start to receive your first payment within 28 days after your application and documents were received by Service Canada.

Your next task is to look for a new job

Get started by learning more about how the labour market has changed since you last looked for a job. Opportunities and strategies people use to find a job are always changing. You may want to get some help with your job search from an employment agency near you.

Update your resume to include recent information about you. Settlement.Org has a section with articles on resumes to help you create modern, Canadian resumes and cover letters. Also, check out our section on Job Interviews to prepare yourself before you meet an employer.

There are several public and private services in Ontario to help you find a job. Settlement.Org has a section on Employment Services that may interest you.

Ontario Works is a provincial program meant to provide financial assistance with everyday needs and employment assistance to help you look for a job. Ontario Works host workshops on resume writing, interviewing, building language skills and more. They also provide services such as career counseling, training, and more.

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