Where can I find industry-specific job listing websites?

Here are some websites that share job listings in specific fields in Ontario and Canada.

This is not a complete list. You can also ask friends, family, employment counsellors, settlement workers, or others who work in your profession or trade to recommend useful job listing websites.

Industry-Specific Websites

Arts and Communication


  • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools - Search for jobs at independent schools across Canada. Independent schools are similar to private schools except they are not-for-profit.
  • Education Employment Opportunities in Ontario - Search for jobs in the education sector in Ontario and across Canada.
  • Ontario School Boards - A listing from the Ministry of Education of the school boards in Ontario. Search the website of each school board for career opportunities in public schools.
  • University Affairs - Lists jobs available at post-secondary schools across Canada; listings include administration, faculty and research positions.


  • Canadian Forests - Search for jobs across Canada in every branch of Canada's forestry sector.
  • The Greenest Workforce - Search for jobs or sign up for a job matching service in Canada's forest products industry.


  • CivicJobs.Ca - Listings of different types of jobs in many municipalities across Canada.
  • Government of Ontario Jobs - The official job board for the provincial government.
  • Public Service Commission - The federal government's job posting site. Jobs listed are open to those only legally entitled to work in, and usually, who currently live in Canada. Read the "Who Can Apply" information.


  • Dr Careers - Job listings for health professionals from the Canadian Medical Association.
  • Healthcarejobs.ca - Listings of many types of health care jobs across Canada
  • HFOJobs - Health care employment opportunities in Ontario. Part of the Health Force Ontario website.
  • RN Careers - A website that lists all levels of nursing opportunities in Ontario.

Information Technology


  • Clear Legal - A listing of jobs for lawyers and law clerks in Canada.
  • TotalLegalJobs - Job postings for all types of positions in the legal system.


Science and Engineering

You may also want to check general job listing websites.

Websites with Links to More Job Websites

  • Canada Job Directory - Has many links to general and occupation-specific job posting sites. It also lists placement agencies located in Ontario.

Many community agencies can help you with your job search. To find help, go to Services Near Me and search for "employment services" in your area.

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