How can I find information about salaries?

Industry organizations, trade publications and some websites have information about salaries for some professions.

Salary information is an important part of labour market information. It can affect your job search. If you get a job offer and need to negotiate a salary, this information can help you.

Industry Organizations and Trade Publications

Contact industry organizations, such as regulatory bodies or professional associations, for salary information. They may be able to tell you about any recent salary surveys. They might answer your salary questions for free.

Some industries have trade publications. These magazines cover the news for that industry. They may have articles about salary surveys.

Websites with Salary Information

Some websites have salary information for cities in Canada. Here are some:

  • Salary Expert - A website with salary information for cities. Some of the information on this website is free. They also have services that you have to pay for. It has information about:
  • The average salary people earn
  • Different salary levels
  • Benefits
  • Cost-of-living increases
Ontario Job Futures and the Job Bank - These sites have information about careers, salaries and education. Both the Ontario and Canada-wide sites have good information. However, they do not have listings for every job. Salary Wizard - You can search by job category and city. It does not have information for every job. Google Saved Search of Salary Information Across Canada - Search results for "salary information canada" from Google.

Some sectors have their own websites. Generally, these are not free to the public. Only people who are members of that association can use the website.

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