Where can I find job skills training programs?

You can find job skills training in many places in your local community:

  • Community organizations
  • School boards
  • Libraries
  • Colleges and universities
  • Private trainers

You may want or need to get some skills training to help you find work in Ontario. You may need to upgrade your skills to re-certify in your profession or trade, or you may want to learn new computer skills.

Many local community agencies have free workshops on computers, customer service and many other job skills.

What do I need?

Before you take any training, you need to assess what you need. It is useful to do this assessment before you spend time and money on a training program.

  • What do you really need? Are you taking the training for you work? If so, do employers recognize the training you want to take?
  • What skills are actually needed for the work you are looking for? Will this training give you those skills?
  • What will you be able to do after you complete the course/program? What skills will you have?
  • Is the course/program up-to-date and does it cover the latest information in its field of study?
  • What credentials will you have once the course/program is completed - for example, will you get a certificate or a diploma?
  • If you must pay a fee, what can you afford?
  • Are you eligible for any subsidies or financial help?
  • What organizations do this training? Are they registered and legitimate?

Where can I find programs?

You may need just a short workshop or course to get the skills you need. You can find short-term training in many places in your local community:

Get information about each of these types of training before you spend any money for a course.

For More Information

  • Need Education or Training? - Employment Ontario website has information about employment and training oppotunites in Ontario.
  • CanadaInfoNet - Provides mentoring resources for professionals, business and tradespeople who are new to Canada or are considering immigrating to Canada.
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