What is networking?

Networking means building a network of people to support you during your job search.

In some cases, that means people who can help give you advice about your job search, where to find more information about a company, and so on. But, in other cases, it means building a network of other people who have similar jobs, interests or work in the sector where you want to work.

In Canada, who you know is as important as what you know when you look for work.

As you do your labour market research and information interviews you learn about organizations, associations and individuals who can help connect you to others in your area of interest. In some cases, there are formal groups set up to network - share information and resources and meet on a regular basis. You can make personal contacts through volunteer work, community involvement, going to an ethno-specific organization, taking an educational class, cooperative education, joining a club or child-parent program, social activities, and so on.

In some cases, you will find that there are ethno-specific groups and groups for newcomers that meet to support each other and share information. You may want to consider joining a group like this for support and advice.

Successful networking or information interviewing can help you to access the hidden job market. The hidden job market means the jobs that are available might not be advertised in traditional ways (such as newspaper ads and online job listings). In some cases, employers will contact people they know to ask if they know anyone who is right for the job. If you have made an impression through your networking or when you interviewed someone, you might be contacted about the job.

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