What are community health centres?

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are non-profit organizations that provide primary health care for individuals, families and communities.

CHCs have health professionals such as doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners on staff.

CHCs also have health promotion programs.

If you do not have OHIP, you might be able to get health care services at a CHC.

In addition to providing clinical treatment, CHCs may have:

  • Culturally-sensitive care in different languages
  • Anti-racism programs
  • Sexual health education
  • Domestic violence prevention and treatment
  • Parenting education
  • Support for teenage mothers
  • Drop-in programs for youth

Some CHCs offer integrated health care, language and settlement programs specifically for immigrants and refugees.

Services at CHCs are free or low-cost for eligible individuals. All services are confidential, and some, such as tests for pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, may be anonymous. You may be eligible for services at a CHC even if you do not have a Health Card.

Find a list of CHCs in Ontario.

For More Information

  • Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) - A non-profit organization that promotes public health interests in Canada and internationally.
  • Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) - A non-profit organization that brings together public and community health professionals throughout Ontario. The OPHA website provides information about OPHA projects and publications and links to related websites.
  • TheHealthLine.ca - This website can help you find health and community services in Ontario. From Community Care Access Centres. 
  • HNUC.org - Health Network for the Uninsured offers information for people without OHIP in the Greater Toronto Area.
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