I am an international (foreign) student. Where can I live?

If you are an international (foreign) student, contact the international students' office at the college or university you will be attending. This office might be able to help you arrange short- or long-term accommodation.

Many schools have residences (dormitories) for students on campus. Most schools have a bulletin board where people post off-campus rental opportunities.

Some schools offer homestay programs - in a homestay, you stay with a family. Generally, you have your own room and the family prepares all or some of your meals.

Read What kinds of short-term housing are available, for more information about the types of accommodations that are available.

Read How do I look for rental housing, for ways to find rental accommodations.

For More Information

  • Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association - Find online listings of accommodation across Ontario. The ORHMA is a non-profit trade association.
  • OntarioTravel.net - Information for tourists and short-term travellers to Ontario. From the Government of Ontario.
  • Studying in Canada - Information for people planning to come to Canada as international students. From Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada.
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Last updated: February 14, 2023 4001306