What if my Permanent Resident (PR) Card is lost or stolen?

Call the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Call Centre to report it. You can apply for a new PR Card.

The IRCC Call Centre number is 1-888-242-2100.

To apply for a new PR Card, use the Application for a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card). This application is for initial (first) cards, renewal and replacement cards. If you are applying to replace a lost or stolen card, you must fill out and sign section G of this form. You have to pay an application fee - $50 Canadian dollars.

If you do not want a new PR Card right away, you must submit a solemn declaration that states that your PR Card was lost or stolen. To make a declaration, use a Solemn Declaration form (IMM 5451).

If you are outside Canada when your PR card is lost or stolen, you should report it to the closest visa office.  In order to return to Canada, you may need to obtain a travel document in order to demonstrate your status in Canada.  When you return to Canada, you should apply for a replacement PR card.

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