How do I apply for a driver's licence? What documents do I need?

To apply for a driver's licence, you need to show approved identity documents. Go to a Driver Examination Centre and you have to pay a fee.

You also need to fill out an application form. You can get the application form at a Driver Examination Centre. The application form is not available online.

Acceptable Identity Documents

You have to show proof of your:

  • Legal name
  • Date of birth - including day, month, year of birth

You must use original documents, not photocopies. The documents must be valid, not expired.

Here are some acceptable identity documents. You can show 1 of these documents to meet the requirements:

Canadian Citizens

  • Passport (Canadian or foreign)
  • Canadian Citizenship Card with photo
  • Ontario Photo Card

Permanent Residents

  • Permanent Resident (PR) Card
  • Record of Landing (IMM 1000)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292)
  • Ontario Photo Card

Temporary Residents

  • Study Permit / Student Authorization (IMM 1442)
  • Work Permit / Employment Authorization (IMM 1442)
  • Visitor Record (IMM 1442)
  • Temporary Resident Permit (IMM 1442)
  • Refugee Status Claim (IMM 1434)
  • Acknowledgement of Intent to Claim Refugee Status (IMM 7703) with photo
  • Report Pursuant to the Immigration Act (IMM 1442) with a photo
  • Ontario Photo Card

If you don't have one of these documents, you will be required to show 2 documents; see a complete list of documents that you can use.

Where to Apply

Take your identity documents to a Driver Examination Centre near you.


You have to pay fees to apply for a licence, to write the knowledge test and to take a road test.

See a list of fees on the DriveTest website.

For More Information

  • Driver Examination Centres - You can take written tests and driving tests at these centres. From the DriveTest website.
  • Driver and Vehicle Licence Offices - You can renew your driver's licence, change your address or other information on your licence, get a driver's handbook and get other routine services at these offices.
  • Driver's Handbook Online - The official guide to the rules of the road, safe driving practices and how to get your licence to drive a car, van or small truck. From the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Out-of-Country Drivers - Information on how to get an Ontario licence if you have had a driver's licence before but are not eligible for a licence exchange. From the DriveTest website.
  • Get a G driver’s licence: new drivers - As a new driver, you will need to practice driving and gain experience over time. For most people, the two-step process takes about 20 months to finish. From the Ministry of Transportation.
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