How can group programs with placements help me?

Some programs have co-op placements, work placements, mentoring and volunteering for newcomers to Ontario. These can help you to get some of the valuable "Canadian Experience" you may have heard employers ask for.

If you participate in a program with a placement, you can gain Canadian work experience, and put this on your résumé. You can also get reference letters, opportunities to network and learn about the Canadian workplace in general, and about your own field or occupation specifically.

According to one centre in Ontario that has a placement program, about 50% of their students find jobs through their placement, and another 20-30% find jobs on their own with the Canadian experience on their résumé.

Commonly, a program with placement has 2 parts: in-class and unpaid work placement.

The in-class section teaches you about employment in Canada: résumés, cover letters, interview techniques - information that anyone who is looking for work needs. You will also spend a lot of time researching companies for your placement or for paid jobs. If the program has a work placement section, you have a say in the company you will go to. This work placement will help you:

  • Gain some Canadian work experience.
  • Learn about and experience Canadian work culture.
  • Let you show your skills to a company that might be able to hire you after your work placement is done.

You can go to Services Near Me where you can find group programs with work or co-op placements in Ontario.

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