How Can I use LinkedIn effectively?

Aside from using LinkedIn to connect with professionals in your network, you can use this social media platform to look for job postings, join groups, stay informed on industry news and find alumni from your school.

A good way to start using social media as part of your job search strategy is to create a strong LinkedIn profile. However, understanding how to use the different features on LinkedIn can help you maximize your results. You can find some of the most common uses of LinkedIn below. 

Search for a job

You can search for jobs on LinkedIn by using the Jobs tab on the top left bar. Many organizations are choosing to post jobs on LinkedIn. This feature allows candidates like you to apply using the information on their LinkedIn profile. However, you can also attach a resume to your application, and you may also be directed to the company’s website to submit an online application.

Join common interest groups

You can also use LinkedIn to find common interest groups. Whether you are a postsecondary student or a working professional there are many groups you can join on all kinds of subjects, fields and industry areas.

As part of a group, you may benefit from shared information and a network where you can ask questions and create new connections. Becoming part of professional groups and actively participating can also help you improve your professional brand and credibility, as others may see your membership in your profile.

Learn about industry news and events

Much like Facebook and other social media platforms, LinkedIn has a news feed where you can see any updates from your connections and the organizations you follow. In fact, following companies you want to work for is a great way to find out about any organizational changes or company events you might be able to attend, such as job fairs.

Find alumni in your network

You can also use LinkedIn to stay connected with former classmates or find people who attended your college or university. Often, professionals like to connect with and help people that went to the same school. Therefore, when looking for new connections, you can look for people in your alumni network by clicking on Find Alumni under My Network tab. If you have attended more than one school, you can change the institution. You can also narrow down your search by year of graduation and other variables.

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