What is an employment agency or temp agency?

An employment agency, placement agency or temporary agency ("temp agency") matches workers with jobs.

The jobs are with other companies. In other words, the agency finds you a job with another company. Some agencies focus on placing people in specific fields.

Usually, these agencies are private companies. But, you should not pay any money to these agencies. Employment agencies make money by charging the company that you work for, or they might take a percentage of your pay.

Some agencies focus on specific fields such as technology, office assistance or security. Before you apply to an agency, check to make sure they can place you in a job in your field. You can apply to many different agencies at the same time. That way, you will have more agencies working to find you a job.

Different agencies have different kinds of services. Some place you in short-term or temporary jobs and others place you in long-term or permanent jobs. After you register with an agency, you should call your agent often to find out what jobs are available.

Go to the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) website for more information about agencies in Ontario that do not charge job seekers at any time, even after they are employed.

You can get help with your job search from community agencies. Find out more in Why should I get help to find work?

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