Why should I get help to find work?

There are many community agencies that provide employment services for newcomers to Ontario and even more agencies that provide services to all residents in a community.

You might not be used to finding free services in your country of origin. It is useful to know that you can find many services to help you find work.

Finding work in Canada is not easy, especially if you have never done it before. Why? Some things that you need to think about:

  • How to find work in Canada - Understanding the job market and finding jobs that are not advertised.
  • Language and communication skills - The first impression you make on an employer will be the one that helps them decide if they want to see you for an interview.
  • Are you willing to start at a junior level in order to start in Canada or to go to the small to mid-sized companies?
  • Do you understand Canadian work culture, especially the importance of communication, teamwork and organization skills to employers?

You can't expect to know everything about the Canadian work culture, especially if you have recently arrived in Ontario. There is much to know. Fortunately, many people can help you.

You may find the job search frustrating because you know that you have many skills and abilities. But, you also need to know what employers want. Employers want much more than someone who just knows how to do the job.

Some community services can help you with one-on-one advice and help to create your résumé and cover letter and to find local companies. Others have more structured programs where you spend some time in a group classroom finding out about how to work in your career here.

Finding a program to help you could mean the difference between you sending out 200 résumés and getting no responses and finding a job that you really want soon.

For more information on barriers that newcomers can face, go to How hard is it to find work in Ontario?

What kinds of help can I get?

Here are some examples of programs that help newcomers find work:

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