What happens after I file a claim with the Ministry of Labour?

After you file your claim, the Ministry of Labour will try to get your employer to solve the problem. If they cannot do that, they will start an investigation to solve the problem.

If the Ministry finds that your employer has treated you unfairly, they will decide what your employer must do to solve the problem.

When you file a claim, an employment standards officer will try to get your employer to fix the problem.

If this does not work, the employment standards officer starts an investigation. They may talk to you and your employer:

  • By telephone
  • In writing
  • By visiting your employer
  • In a meeting

The employment standards officer reviews all of the information and decides if you were treated unfairly.

If you were treated unfairly, they give your employer a chance to solve the problem.

If your employer does not fix the problem, the officer can order your employer to:

  • Pay wages that they owe you.
  • Follow the rules of the ESA.
  • Give you back your job.
  • Compensate you.

The officer can also charge your employer with an offence, including a ticket. If convicted, your employer may be fined or sent to jail.

This process can take a long time. Your employer might not cooperate.

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