How to Edit and Proofread your Resume so that Recruiters See it

Recruiters get a lot of resumes every time they post a new job opportunity. If you edit and proofread your resume you can increase your chances of getting called in for a job interview.

Taking the time to proofread and edit your resume is a very important step in the job search process.

Here are some tips you can follow to edit your resume:

1. Print your Resume
When you see your resume on paper, it changes the way you look at the content in your resume. We don’t read words on computers, cell phones, or other screens as deeply or with as much detail.  This can help you catch mistakes you might not see on the screen. Spell checking tools on your computer are good but you cannot rely on them entirely to catch all errors.

2. Read it Out Loud
Use a ruler, index card, or blank sheet of paper to cover the material you haven’t looked at yet so that you can read each section at a time.

3. Read One Section at Time
Using your finger as a pointer, read each word at a time. Take one sentence or paragraph at time in order to look at the document from a different angle, this will trick your brain into seeing your content in a different manner.

4. Read it Several Times 
Read your resume several times to catch everything. Read through once for spelling mistakes, a second time factual errors and a third time for overall mistakes. Take a break between proofreading each time you do it. If you read it over and over all at once, you may get tired and not notice little mistakes. 

5. Walk Away
Sometimes the best thing you can do is to take a break from proofreading. By stepping away and changing your scenery you can help your brain to re-adapt to the review process with a fresh point of view.

6. Ask for Help
Employment resource centres offer free resume editing services and workshops. You can find an employment resource centre in your community to make an appointment with a consultant who will assist you. Have a friend or a relative review your resume if you cannot go into a resource centre, ideally you want a second pair of eyes reviewing the content.

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Last updated: September 1, 2023 4006336